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New chapter in the quarter, young people must “creat”


Do you know? 2018 has passed over quietly a quarter.

We has summed up the past three months in order to seize the present and look forward to the future better.

I believe they will become better and better in the new quarter.

And every one that has achieved excellent grades in the past quarter.

How could we not give warm applause to them

With the arrival of April, it declared that we really bid farewell to the first quarter and welcome the second one.

In the new season, we still meet new challenge with booming enthusiasm and start a new month of PK war.

It’s really inspired for me that the defy spirit of morale in this PK

PK has started and new April has been coming.

Let’s wait and see who can get the champion and rewards

I expect that we can struggle fueling together and write new chapter in April with young power in the hopeful season.

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